We do not have any interest in collecting any of your personal data, and try to keep any third-party service that involves collection of your data to a minimum. There is however some functionality of this website that involves the collection of personal data, which we have either not yet been able to remove/replace or that’s essential for the website. But let’s see things more in detail:

Email Contact Form

We like to keep this to a minimum, we only need your name and an email address. This data will be stored only in our email client’s address book and not shared with anybody else. You can request this data to be deleted or updated anytime, just drop us a line using… well… our email contact form.


This website stores the following cookies:

font.googleapis.com / fonts.gstatic.com (and connected to that www.google.com and www.gstatic.com). These are cookies required to use Google’s free webfont service, which is built into the theme we use. Of course we all know that Google uses these to track you, we do not have any access to whatever data Google is mining through these cookies. The Google Fonts functionality is hardcoded into the theme, so for now there’s little we can do about it.

Some of the pages (eg. Media, Works) contain embedded players and media from various sources:

  • Videos: These are hosted on Youtube and Vimeo. Both services set a series of tracking cookies when you access the page.
  • Audio: Our tracks are hosted on Soundcloud, which also sets a series of cookies that can potentially track you.
  • Photos: We use Flickr for our photos. The service has recently been acquired by SmugMug.

None of the data collected via the above mentioned cookies is accessible to us, also we do not collect any user/usage statistics (niether using Google Analytics nor any other service).

Our newsletter is run via Mailchimp. If you have subscribed and want to know about their privacy policy see this page here: Mailchimp Privacy Policy. Tools to control your subrsciption are built into every email we send out (for eg. if you want to unsubscribe, just look for the “unsubscribe” link at the end of the email).

What kind of data we collect via Mailchip

We only require you to give us you name (any name, doesn’t need to be your real name) and a valid email address. We do not share these with anybody except Mailchimp (required since we use them to send the emails). We do not profile you or use statistics for the newsletters we send out, we really just send out the messages and that’s it. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance, or want your data to be updated or deleted.

BTW. We recommend to install the free Privacy Badger extension for Chrome/Firefox to block common tracking cookies around the web!