555-timer-based oscillator

No matter what you do, you have to start out small.
Back when we were still part of secret media lab (a local hacking and circuit-bending collective), we wanted to create a simple tool for people who do circuit bending and hardware hacking. We decided to start with a really simple 555-timer-based oscillator which you could use as part of a bent instrument.

We later found that it worked great as a standalone audio oscillator as well and started to build whole oscillator banks out of it. We’ve used this circuit in several tracks, the most representative being Threnody, inspired by Penderecki’s and Ligeti’s cluster-based compositions, the introductory track of our first album The Malosco Sessions.


Technical Things

The sml.1 is based on a well known circuit (kits are available from different sources including Get-lofi and Synthrotek just to name a few).
Our circuit has a couple of mods on it, including both a regular pulse output and a low ramp. depending on the circuit one wants to modify one output will work better than the other. Unfortunately we don’t make these anymore.